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by KT-AL

The touchpad has been the standard laptop-pointing device for years. Since touchpads are built into …

by KT-AL

One minute the display would be pleasantly bright, but switching to anything with a dark …

by KT-AL

Beware of the signs of a PC plagued by malware: slower-than-usual performance, a sudden spate …

by KT-AL

So you have a Mac but also want to run Windows? You’re in luck: shortly …

by KT-AL

When your laptop’s touchpad stops responding to your fingers, you’ve got a problem. Have you ever …

by KT-AL

There is one upgrade that will universally improve a laptop’s performance: adding an SSD. This …

by KT-AL

A dying or cracked display doesn’t mean your laptop is a paperweight. For most laptops, …

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