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Get the Linux Alt+Window Drag Functionality in Windows

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One of my favorite features from Linux is the Alt + Window drag that allows you to move any window by holding down the Alt key and then just left-click dragging the window anywhere you’d like.

I set about to duplicate this functionality in Windows using my favorite automation tool, AutoHotkey. A short amount of browsing time later and I’d come up with a workable solution modified from this script.

An animation would work better here, but you can see that the mouse pointer is in the middle of the window:


By holding down the Alt key and dragging, I can move the window without having to click on the title bar:


Once you get used to this, you’ll never want to go back, and because it’s an AutoHotkey script I can bundle it together with all my other enhancements, such as assigning hotkeys to windows or the Hide Others script.

I’ve bundled a download together with the autohotkey script that you can use if you already have AutoHotkey installed, and also an executable file that you can use on any computer.

Download AltWindowDrag AutoHotkey Script & Executable

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