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How To Set Custom Window Color For Every Desktop Background In Windows 7

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The desktop slideshow and theme pack are some of the best features of Windows 7 . While creating and customizing a theme pack, you can also set a window color for the theme pack. This window color changes the color of window borders, taskbar and Start menu.

But the only problem with this feature is that you can’t assign a window color for every wallpaper in the theme pack. For instance, a theme pack containing 10 desktop backgrounds can only have one theme color. If you want to set a new color for every picture in the theme pack, you have to use third-party tools.

Windows 7 Color Changer is a simple application that lets you set a window color for every desktop background picture.

Set A New Window Color For Every Desktop Background In Windows 7

When you install this application, a small icon will appear in the notification area of the taskbar. Right-click on the icon and select Setup wallpapers option to start adding new wallpapers to the slideshow.

Set A New Window Color For Every Desktop Background In Windows

Set A New Window Color For Every Desktop Background

How to use this tool:

# Open Setup wallpapers window and click Open Image button to a add a new wallpaper to the slideshow.

# Next, click Autodetect button to automatically set a color to the wallpaper. You can also use Select color option to add your desired color.

# Finally click Add as new button to add the picture with theme color.

# Repeat the above steps to add more desktop backgrounds to the slideshow list.

# Once done, click Set button to run your new desktop slideshow.

If you don’t want to manually add wallpapers to the slideshow, simply switch to the Auto tab and browse to a folder to automatically add all pictures to the slideshow.

Please note that this application can’t create a theme pack for you.

Download Windows 7 Color Changer

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