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4 Simple Reasons Why Windows 10 Will Be A Big Hit Like Windows 7

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More than once Microsoft has confirmed that the development of next version of Windows is in progress and will include a Start menu!

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If early reports and indications are anything to go by, the upcoming version of Windows, likely be named as Windows 10, will be a big hit and will be more or less like Windows 7. Following are the four reasons why Windows 10 will be look and feel like Windows 7. What this also means that, those of you looking for a radically different operating system might be disappointed with the next big release.

Reason 1

Start menu is returning

To start with, Windows 10 will ship with a Start menu for traditional desktop and laptop users. The all new Start menu will include live tiles (just like in Windows 8/8.1) and will look more or less like the Start menu in Windows 7. While it’s not still clear whether Microsoft will release another update to Windows 8.1 to offer Start menu or will include the Start menu only with the next major release of Windows, the all new Start menu will probably see the light of the day with the next version of Windows, Windows 10.

Reason 2

Modern apps can be run just like traditional programs

At its Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft has confirmed that modern apps or the apps installed from the Store can be resized and run just like traditional desktop programs in the next version of Windows.

Reason 3

Microsoft is listening to your feedback and actively using it

At the recently concluded WPC, Microsoft has clearly told the world that it’s listening to the feedback received from millions of Windows users and actively using the same to build the next version of Windows.

As we all know, most Windows users want to see Windows 7 in the next version of Windows, and Microsoft will make Windows 10 more or less like Windows 7 based on the feedback received by PC users to avoid delivering another Windows 8.

Reason 4

Start screen is not coming for desktop users

There is so much negativity around the Start screen that most PC users are hesitating to upgrade to Windows 8/8.1 just because of this Start screen and modern interface. While I personally like the Start screen in Windows 8 and love the improved Start screen in Windows 8.1 Update 1, not all users are aware of the fact that it’s highly customizable and offers more features than the Start menu in Windows 7.

In Windows 10, the Start screen will likely appear only if the Windows is installed on a computer that supports touch. In other words, Start screen will continue to appear for tablet users and you can expect an option to turn on or off the Start screen on desktops and laptops without touch screen.

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