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How To Set A Different Wallpaper On The Second Monitor In Windows 10

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It’s not uncommon for PC users to use dual-monitor or multi-monitor setup, these days. While using a dual-monitor or multi-monitor setup, you might want to set different wallpapers for each monitor.

You likely know that it was not possible to have different desktop backgrounds on multiple monitors in the earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

Luckily, you don’t need to go for a third-party application to have different wallpapers on each screen if you are running Windows 10. There is a provision in Windows 10 to set different wallpapers for each of the connected monitors.

Complete the directions in one of the given below methods to set a different wallpaper for all monitors connected to your Windows 10 computer.

Method 1 of 2

Set different wallpaper for each monitor in Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click on an empty spot on the desktop and then click the Personalize option to open the Background page of the Settings app.

Step 2: Here, in the Choose your picture section, right-click on a photo that you want to set for the external screen or internal screen, and then select Set for monitor 1 or Set for monitor 2 option.

set a different wallpaper for second monitor in Windows 10

Here, monitor 1 refers to your internal screen or primary screen, and monitor 2 refers to the external or second screen connected to your PC.

If you would like to set a picture that is not present on this page, click the Browse button, navigate to the picture file that you would like to use, and then click the Open button to set it as the primary screen wallpaper. It will now show up in the Choose your picture section. Right-click on it and then click Set for Monitor 2/3/4 to set it as the external screen wallpaper.

You can now change the primary screen wallpaper by either choosing one of the pictures in the Choose your picture section or browsing a new picture file.

If you wish to set the same wallpaper for all screens (primary as well as secondary), click the Set for all monitors option.

Depending on the number of screens connected to your PC, the context menu will show that many options. For instance, if you have connected two external monitors to your PC, the context menu will display Set for monitor 1, Set for monitor 2, and Set for monitor 3 options.

Method 2 of 2

Set different wallpapers on multiple monitors in Windows 10

Step 1: In the File Explorer, navigate to the folder containing pictures that you would like to set for your monitors.

Step 2: Depending on the number of monitors connected to your computer, select the same number of wallpapers. For instance, if you have a dual-setup, select two wallpapers. Hold down the Ctrl key and then click on the pictures to select them.

Step 3: Finally, right-click on the selected items and then click Set as desktop background option. This will set different wallpaper on multiple monitors.

set a different wallpaper for second monitor in Windows 10 pic3

The first picture will be used as the primary screen desktop background, and the second picture will be used for the external screen in a dual-setup.

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