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Microsoft Edge For iOS And Android

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With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced the Edge browser as a replacement for its well-known Internet Explorer browser. The Microsoft Edge browser is developed from scratch and is on par with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera when it comes to overall performance.

While Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10, only a small percentage of Windows 10 users have been using it as their primary web browser, and they are happy with it. Edge is sleek, fast and more importantly, it’s low on system resources.

The lack of good extensions is probably one of the key reasons why PC users prefer third-party web browsers over the default Microsoft Edge.

Edge for Android and iOS

Up until now, the Microsoft Edge browser was exclusively available for Windows 10. Today, Microsoft announced the Edge browser for Android and iOS.

Starting today, Microsoft Edge for iOS is available in preview. The Edge for Android will be available soon in preview, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft edge for ios and android OS

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS has most of the features that you see in the Edge for Windows 10. Features such as favorites, reading list, and new tab page are offered in Edge for Android and iOS as well.

The ability to continue on PC is probably the main attraction of Edge for Android and iOS. For those who don’t know, the continue on PC feature allows you to open the webpage (that you are currently viewing on your smartphone) on your Windows 10 PC. The continue on PC feature requires a PC running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or above builds.

Note that you can use the continue on PC feature without installing Edge on your smartphone. All you need to do is link your iPhone and Android to Windows 10 PC. After linking your phone and PC, you can open the webpage on your PC even while using apps such as the Safari.

Currently, Edge for Android and iOS doesn’t support iPads and Android tablets but will support in future.

Interested iPhone users can test the Edge preview app via Apple TestFlight. Android users can sign up to start testing the app when it comes available in preview. Visit this page of Microsoft to test Edge for Android and iOS.

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