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Reset And Reinstall Calculator In Windows 10

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The classic Calculator has been replaced with a modern version of Calculator in Windows 10. The new Calculator app in Windows 10 sports a clean user interface and works great on touch devices as well.

In addition to the standard mode that you see by default upon launching the Calculator app with default settings, programmer and scientific modes are also available in the Calculator app. Besides that, Calculator app includes a converter as well. The converter feature supports volume, length, energy, temperature, weight and mass, angle, pressure, data, time, power, area and speed.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10

The Calculator in Windows 10 app usually works well without any issues. Over the last year, the app has been updated a number of times and the app is quite stable now.

That said, if you’re having any issues while opening the Calculator app or using it, you can reset the app to fix the issue. If resetting the app didn’t help, you may reinstall Calculator to address the issue.

Refer to the given below directions to reset and reinstall the Calculator app in Windows 10.

Reset the Calculator app in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Settings app and then navigate to System > Apps & features.

Step 2: Look for Calculator app entry. Click on Calculator app entry to see Advanced options link. Click Advanced options link.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step01

Step 3: This will open Storage usage and app reset page. Click Reset button.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step02

Step 4: When you see the warning dialog with “This will permanently delete app’s date on this device, including your preferences and sign-in details” message, click the Reset button again to reset Calculator app.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step03

A check sign should now appear next to the Reset button, indicating that the reset job is done successfully.

Reinstall Calculator app in Windows 10

The built-in Calculator app can’t be uninstalled like other apps installed from Store. You need to either use the PowerShell or third-party program like CCleaner to uninstall the app. In this guide, we are using both PowerShell and CCleaner to uninstall Calculator app.

Step 1: Open PowerShell with admin rights. To do so, type PowerShell in Start menu or taskbar search box, right-click on PowerShell entry and then click Run as administrator.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step1

Step 2: Copy and paste the following command in the PowerShell window and then press Enter key to execute the same.

Get-AppxPackage –AllUsers

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step2

Step 3: Now, look for Microsoft.WindowsCalculator name.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step4

To quickly find its entry, right-click on the title bar of PowerShell, click Edit and then click Find. Enter Calculator in the box and then click Find next button.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step3

Step 4: Copy the PackageFullName of WindowsCalculator by selecting it as shown in the picture below and then simultaneously pressing Ctrl + C hotkey.

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step5

Step 5: Finally, execute the following command to uninstall Calculator from your Windows 10 install.

Remove-AppxPackage PackageFullName

In the above command, replace PackageFullName with the PackageFullName of Calculator that you copied in the previous step. That’s it!

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step7

Step 6: Visit this page of Windows Store, click Install button to download install the official Calculator app again. As simple as that!

reset or reinstall Calculator in Windows 10 step8

Using CCleaner to uninstall Calculator

Alternatively, if you’re not familiar with the PowerShell, download, install and run CCleaner, click Tools, click Uninstall, select Calculator from the list and then click Uninstall button. Click Yes button when you see the confirmation dialog to uninstall Calculator.

reset or reinstall calculator in Windows 10 pic1

Once uninstalled, visit this page of Store and install a fresh copy of Calculator.

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