What are the primary benefits of using Microsoft Publisher?

1. Affordable

Publisher is significantly cheaper than other desktop publishing programs and is often included as part of the Microsoft Office install.

2. Easy to Use

You can get up and running pretty quickly with Publisher, particularly if you already use Word and PowerPoint. Instead of creating a flyer, report cover, or invitation in Word or PowerPoint, consider using Publisher instead.

3. Templates

Microsoft Publisher comes with a large assortment of  templates for flyers, posters, business cards, newsletters, report covers and other types of publications and they are installed with the program. These templates are also designed to have a cohesive look across different publications.

4. Mail Merge and Email Merge Feature

Publisher integrates  mail merge features so that users have the ability to generate mail merges or email publications to a variety of clients or users. Documents can be exported as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) or PDF (Portable Document Format) files.

5. Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop photos and “building blocks” into your publication to create a more professional looking document.

If you are looking for an affordable desktop publishing program and want to create business cards, post cards, flyers and newsletters, you might want to consider Microsoft Publisher. You may even already have a copy with your Microsoft Office suite.