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Grand Central Displays Date, Time & Weather Info On Start Screen

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I know, a lot of computer users simply love to hate the newly introduced Start screen with Windows 8 but users who have tried the Start screen for a few days know that how better this feature is than the old Start menu.

First, unlike the Start menu, Start screen is highly customizable. You can customize the background, add custom tiles, add images as tiles, organize installed programs by groups and name them, and more. Second, you can not only search for installed programs but also search using installed apps. And if you hate the Start screen just because it doesn’t include shutdown options, you can always install System Power Shortcuts utility, which adds shutdown, hibernate, restart, and sleep options to the Start screen.

On Friday of last week, we reviewed a small app named Clock Tile that displays time on the Start screen with the help of live tiles. Today, we have a similar app that not only displays time on the Start screen but also weather info.

Clock and weather on Start screen

Grand Central is a free app that displays date, time, and weather info on Start screen with the help of live tiles. The app displays all these info on a single tile. Installing and configuring the app is straight-forward. Visit the Store, install the app, launch the app, open Grand Central settings by moving mouse cursor to upper right corner of the Screen, clicking Settings on Charms bar and then clicking Settings again, enter your location and click Update Address to get weather info.

Clock and weather on Windows 8Start screen

Clock and date for Start Screen In Windows 8

Under Settings, you can also configure temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit) and clock style (12 or 24 hour). Visit the Store link provided at the end of this article in your Internet Explorer browser, click View in Windows Store button to open the link in Store app.

Grand Central (Store link)

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