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How To Close Metro Apps In Windows 8 (Without Using Task Manager)

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Users who have been complaining about the missing option to close Metro apps in Windows 8 will be glad to know that Microsoft has finally listened to Windows 8 early adopters’ feedback and has added a way to close Metro apps without the help of Task Manager.

As we know, Metro apps in Windows 8 Developer Preview doesn’t sport close or end button. One needs to open Task Manager and hit end button to manually close an app. Even though Windows 8 puts inactive Metro apps in suspended state to manage the memory, early adopters are not happy with this. But this will not be the case with Windows 8 Beta build as an option will be available to easily close Metro apps.

A leaked video of Windows 8 pre-beta build 816x reveals the inclusion of an option to close Metro apps without opening the Task Manager. All you need to do is tap on the screen, hold and move the app to the bottom of the screen to end it. Desktop users with mouse can simply drag the app to bottom of the screen to perform the same action.

This feature will certainly help users to manage running apps in a comfortable method.

Microsoft is currently preparing Windows 8 Beta and expected to demo at CES 2012. Apart from bug fixes, Windows 8 Beta will include a number of changes, new features and improvements.

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