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Windows 8 Logon Date And Clock For Windows 7 Logon Screen

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By now, you probably have tried one of the public preview builds or at least seen the pictures of upcoming Windows 8 operating system. The newest iteration not only packs-in a host of new features but ships with major UI changes as well.

Windows 8 style date and lock on Windows 7 logon screen

The moment you turn on your Windows 8 PC, you will see the new animated boot screen, a new lock screen a few seconds later, a sign-in screen where you need to enter your account password and finally, the much talked Start screen.

The lock screen in Windows 8, a concept first introduced with mobile operating systems, not only displays date and time but also shows notifications from Modern UI apps, number of new mails in your inbox, your battery and network connectivity status and more.

While it’s impossible to get Modern UI apps and app notifications on your Windows 7 logon screen, you can get the Windows 8 style date and clock on the logon screen with the help third-party tools.

Earlier last week, we posted about a free tool to get the all-new Windows 8 logon screen date and clock in Windows 7 logon too. Today, we are here to share another similar utility that adds the date and clock to Windows 7 logon screen.

Windows 8 Logon Clock And Date for Windows 7

A deviantart member has created 8 Clock and Date for Windows 7 utility to get Windows 8 logon features in the current version of Windows as well. A readme file is also included so that you can easily install and use the new feature in Windows 7.

How to use it:

Step 1: Download and extract the contents of the RAR file to desktop.

Step 2: Run Windows7ClockDate (.exe) installer to install date and clock.

Step 3: Now, reboot your machine and click on the accessibility button on the logon screen to see date and clock on the top left of the logon screen. And if you would like to have Windows 8’s original lock screen background as your logon screen background, download Windows 8 lock screen background for Windows 7 and then follow our how to change Windows 7 logon screen background guide.

Please note that this tool might not work in x64 version of Windows 7. We also recommend creating a system restore point or system image backup before trying this utility.

Download Windows 8 Style Logon Screen Date and Clock

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