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Replace Windows 7 Task Pane Background With Windows 7 Task Pane Changer

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Computer users who regularly visit IntoWindows probably know that we love tweaking and customize Windows operating system. Because of this, we try to review new tweaking and customization utilities that we come across.

Over the last two years, we have reviewed hundreds of free tools that help you tweak, customize and optimize Windows 7 operating system. We have previously covered tools to change the boot screen, rotate the logon screen background, change Windows Media Player background, change the default folder background color, change Windows system icons, and more.

Default Task Pane In Windows 7

This time around, we have a another handy tool to customize your Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 Task Pane Changer is a standalone utility to change the background image of the task pane in Windows 7. For starters, task pane is the sidebar that appears in the Control Panel and other areas such as System Properties.

The best part is you can change both color bitmap and glass bitmap images using this tool. Download and right-click on the tool to run it with admin privileges. Click Change Color Bitmap or click Change Current Bitap button to browse to the custom image file that you wish to set as task pane background.

  Windows 7 Task Pane Changer

One of the best things about this small tool is that it’s non-destructive. If something goes wrong, you can revert to the original task pane background by clicking Restore Original Bitmaps button.

Before you jump to download page, please keep remember that the dimension of the new image should be 200 x 551, and the image file should be in BMP format. If the size doesn’t match 200 x 551, Windows 7 Task Pane Changer will give error.

Also check out how to customize copy and move animations in Windows 7. If you love customizing Windows, we encourage your check our list of 55 free tweaking tools for Windows 7 and 25 best free customization tools for Windows 7 articles.

Download Windows 7 Task Pane Changer

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