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How To: Take Ownership Of A Folder/File In Windows 7

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Taking ownership of a file or folder is very essential when you want to replace or edit system folders or files. Though there are many ways to take ownership of files, how doesn’t like to take the ownership of a file or folder with a click?

In this guide I will be focusing on the easiest method using which you can take ownership of files in Windows 7 easily.
Take Ownership in 7

Take ownership of file or folder in Windows 7

In this method, we will merge a registry file with Windows Registry to get an option named “Take Ownership” in the context menu (Right-click menu) and then right-click on the file that we want to take the ownership of.

Here is how to add Take ownership entry to right-click menu

Step 1: Download the Ownership.zip file from here.

Step 2: Extract the RAR file to the Desktop or any folder to get a file named “Ownership.reg”. Note that if you want to see the extension “.reg” you need to enable it in “Folder Options” but it’s not necessary.

Step 3: Right-click on Ownership.reg file and select Merge option.


Step 4: Click “Yes” for the User Account Prompt (UAC) and then again  click “Yes” for the Registry Editor pop up and then click “OK” when you get the successful message.

Registry Editor Confirmation

Registry Editor Confirmation 2

You should now get Take ownership option when you right-click a file or folder.

To take ownership of a file or folder

Step 1: Now, you will see a new option named Take Ownership when you right-click on a file or folder.

Step 2: Right-click on folder/file for which you want to take ownership and select Take Ownership option to take ownership of the file or folder.

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