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How To Turn Off Focussed Inbox In Windows 10 Mail

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Microsoft has rolled out an update for its built-in Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10. The new update brings many new features and improvements to Windows 10’s default email client. The Focussed Inbox is the highlight of this update.

Those who have been using the Outlook email app for smartphones likely aware of Focussed Inbox as the feature has been available on Outlook smartphone app for quite some time now.

What is Focussed Inbox feature?

The Focussed Inbox is nothing but a feature which basically puts your incoming emails into two tabs – Focussed and Others. The Focussed tab contains all your important emails, and the Others tab includes not so important ones such as newsletters and other promotional emails.

turn off focussed inbox in Windows 10 mail

According to Microsoft, what lands in your Focused tab is automatically determined by the content of the email that you receive. Additionally, when you receive emails from people with whom you interact very often automatically land in the Focussed tab. In short, only important emails appear in the Focussed tab.

Well, the feature is very similar to years old Tabs feature in Gmail. In Gmail, you have tabs like Primary, Social, Promotions, and Update whereas here you have only Focussed Inbox and Others tabs.

Although the Focussed Inbox is a fantastic feature, not all feature like the feature and many of them want to disable the same. If you also want to turn off the Focussed Inbox feature in Windows 10 Mail, here is how to do that.

Please note that the Focussed Inbox feature is currently limited to Outlook.com and Office 365 accounts. So, if you are using other accounts with Mail, you need to wait for some more time.

Tip: Like in the WhatsApp, when you are composing or replying in Mail app in Windows 10, simply type “@” (without quotes) to quickly view and insert contacts.

Turn on or off Focussed Inbox in Windows 10 Mail app

Step 1: Open the Mail app. Click the Settings icon to open Settings pane.

Step 2: Click Reading.

Step 3: Under Focussed Inbox, select the account for which you want to turn off the Focussed Inbox feature, and then turn off Sort the messages into Focussed and Other. That’s it!

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