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Download Windows Migration Assistant For Windows 10

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If you recently bought a new Mac machine and want to quickly transfer contacts, email accounts, and other data from your Windows 10 PC to Mac, then you can use the official Windows Migration Assistant from Apple for Windows.

Windows Migration Assistant from Apple

Windows Migration Assistant is a free utility from Apple to help users easily transfer data from PC to Mac. The Windows Migration Assistant program helps you transfer contacts, email accounts, calendar, bookmarks, documents, pictures, system settings, and other files to your new Mac.

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So, transferring data from your Windows PC to a Mac is fairly easy now. You just have to connect your PC and Mac to the same network and launch Windows Migration Assistant on both PC and Mac to begin transferring data.

If you are wondering, yes, you can transfer data from PC to your old Mac as well. You don’t need a shiny new Mac machine to transfer data.

Using Windows Migration Assistant

Step 1: In order to move data from your PC to Mac, you need to first make sure that both your PC and Mac are on the same network, such as your home’s Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi network, you can create a direct connection by connecting Ethernet cable between PC and Mac.

Step 2: Visit this page of Apple if your new Mac is running macOS Sierra and download Windows Migration Assistant for Mac.

And if you are on OS X EI Capitan or earlier, download Migration Assistant from this page.

Step 3: Apple recommends you quit all other programs on your Windows 10 PC before launching Windows Migration Assistant. So, save your work and close all programs rather than losing your work. The Migration Assistant asks you to close programs like Edge, Chrome and Firefox, if they are running.

Step 4: Launch Windows Migration Assistant. Click Continue button.

Step 5: Launch Migration Assistant on your Mac. On Mac, the Migration Utility is a built-in tool and can be found under Utilities folder.

Step 6: Follow on-screen directions on your Mac, choose what you want to transfer to transfer all required data from your Windows 10 PC to your new Mac.

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There are tens of third-party software out there to help you transfer data between Mac and PC over Wi-Fi. You can use any of them to share files between Mac and Windows PC. That said, Windows Migration Assistant is probably the easiest solution out there to migrate from PC to Mac.

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