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“All Apps” Button Missing From Start Menu In Windows 10

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A user recently asked us why the “All apps” option is no longer being displayed in Windows 10’s Start menu.

All apps button missing from Start menu

Why All apps button is not being shown in Windows 10 Start menu?

The “All apps” button no longer appears in Windows 10 Anniversary Update (version 1607) build 14393 (check your Windows 10 build number) and above builds. This is because, Microsoft has updated the Start menu to improve efficiency and discoverability of finding apps.

In 14393 and above builds of Windows 10, Microsoft has merged the Most used apps list All apps list into a single view. So, when you open the Start menu either by clicking the Start button or Windows logo key on the keyboard, the Start menu now displays up to six recently used apps at the top left of the Start menu and then shows all installed apps and programs.

If there is a recently installed program or app, the Recently added list appears just below the Most used list. The Recently added list now shows up to three recently installed programs and apps but you can click the Expand button to view all recently installed programs and apps.

All apps button missing from Start menu Windows 10

The other advantage of this updated Start menu is that you don’t need to click the “All apps” button in order to view all installed apps. After opening the Start menu, simply scroll down the list to view all installed apps and programs.

In short, if you can’t see “All apps” button in the Start menu, nothing to worry about. The button is not part of the updated Start menu and all other features and options of Start menu will continue to work without any issues. As of now, there is no workaround out there to get back or restore the All apps button in the Start menu of build 14393 and above.

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