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“This Website Needs Internet Explorer” In Edge In Windows 10

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Microsoft plans to take the Edge browser to the next level by adding extensions support but the extensions support might not come before the second half of 2016.

In addition to the Edge browser, Windows 10 also includes Internet Explorer browser version 11. Microsoft has not dropped Internet Explorer from Windows 10 not yet because there are millions of websites out there that are not compatible with Windows 10 Edge.

This website needs Internet Explorer

While attempting to visit a website in Edge browser, if you see the below screen with “This website needs Internet Explorer. This website uses technology that will work best in Internet Explorer” message, it’s because the website requires Internet Explorer’s propriety technologies.

This website needs internet Explorer

If you come across “This website needs Internet Explorer” message while browsing the web in Edge browser, it’s best to click the option labelled Open with Internet Explorer button to open the website in question in Internet Explorer browser. That said, in some cases, if you decide to continue opening the website in Edge by clicking Keep going in Microsoft Edge link, you might not notice any difference or find an issue.

In short, when Edge browser asks you to open a webpage in Internet Explorer, it’s a good idea to open the webpage in the recommended Internet Explorer browser. Also, if a webpage is broken in Edge browser, you can quickly open the same webpage in Internet Explorer browser by clicking More actions menu (the three dots that appear just below the close button) and then clicking Open with Internet Explorer option.

This website needs internet explorer in edge browser in Windows 10

And if you have uninstalled Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10 for any reason, you can try opening the webpage in third-party browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

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