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How To Stop Edge From Asking To Remember Passwords

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Like its predecessor Internet Explorer and other browsers out there in the market, Microsoft Edge also supports saving web credentials, and the feature is turned on by default.

When you visit a website and enter your user account information in the log in form to sign in to the service, Edge offers you save the password in the browser so that the next time you visit the same website it can automatically fill your account info for you.

Edge password

The Edge browser displays “Would you like to save your password for (website address)?” prompt when you enter username and password, and click next or sign in button. The browser saves the password for the website if you click the Yes button and will not do so if you click No.

If you let the Edge browser save the password, the next time when you visit the same website, Edge will automatically fill your account info for you.

While Edge doesn’t allow you set a master password to prevent others from easily accessing stored passwords unlike Chrome and Firefox, passwords stored in Edge are not easily viewable.

The problem with Edge or Internet Explorer is that there is no easy option to import or export passwords. Because of this, most users prefer using and saving web credentials in third-party browsers. Of course, once extensions support is added to Edge (the feature is expected before the end of this year), users will be able to import and export passwords to and from Edge browser.

If for some reason, you don’t want to save your web passwords in the Edge browser, you can configure the Edge browser to stop offering you to save passwords.

Stop Edge from asking to remember your passwords in Windows 10

To stop Edge from displaying save passwords prompt, you need to disable that feature by navigating to Edge’s advanced settings. Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Launch Edge browser, if it’s not already running.

Step 2: Click on the More options icon located top-right (see below picture) and then click Settings.

Stop Edge from asking to remember passwords

Step 3: Next, scroll down the settings pane, and then click View advanced settings.

Stop Edge from asking to remember passwords pic2

Step 4: Lastly, under Offer to save passwords, turn off the option. That’s it!

Stop Edge from asking to remember passwords pic3

Edge will no longer offer you save passwords. As you can see in the above picture, we haven’t turned off save form entries feature. If you don’t want the browser to remember what you enter in forms, you can turn it off here.

How tochange the default download location of Edge browser guide might also help you.

Are you using Edge as your primary browser in Windows 10?

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