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Remove Credit Card Info From Windows Store In Windows 10

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Because Windows Store automatically saves your credit card information, the Store asks you enter your Microsoft account password each time you attempt to purchase an item from the Store. In short, even if someone gains access to your PC, he/she won’t be able to buy anything from Store without entering your Microsoft account password.

Although you don’t need to worry about the saved credit card information unless you share your Windows 10 device with others or unless you have configured Windows 10 not to ask for passwords while purchasing apps, it’s a wise idea to delete your credit card information from Windows Store after completing a purchase.

Since there are so many ways and tools out there to recover or reset Windows password, anyone with little knowledge about computers will be able to gain access your PC and purchase items from the Store without your knowledge.

Delete credit card information from Windows Store/Microsoft account in Windows 10

In this guide, we will see how to remove credit card number and other information from Windows 10 Store.

Step 1: Open the Store app by typing Store in Start menu or taskbar search box and then pressing Enter key.

remove credit card info from Store in Windows 10 step1

Step 2: Once the Store is launched, click on the user icon next to the search box and then click Payment options.

remove credit card info from Store in Windows 10 step02

If you haven’t signed in to the Store already, please sign in to the Store app by clicking on the user icon, clicking Sign in option, and then entering your Microsoft account details. Note that the credit card information is actually attached to your Microsoft account and is not stored on your PC.

Step 3: This will open Payment options page in your default web browser. If you’re asked to enter your Microsoft account password, please key in the same to see the Payment options page.

Step 4: On the Payment options page, you can see the last four digits of your credit card, and other information such as expiry date, and billing address. There is also an option to edit the saved credit card information.

To remove saved credit card information, click the link labelled Remove.

remove credit card info from Store in Windows 10 step5

Step 5: Clicking the Remove link will open the following confirmation page where you need to click Yes, remove button to delete saved credit card information from your Microsoft account as well as Windows Store in Windows 10.

remove credit card info from Store in Windows 10 step6

remove credit card info from Store in Windows 10 step7

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