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Improve Windows 10 Security With Windows 10 Security Plus

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Since there are over 50 security options and settings in Windows 10, it’s hard for a novice user to find and configure those security settings. To help all Windows 10 users better configure and protect Windows 10 operating system, the developer behind Windows 10 Spy Disabler program has released a small tool named Windows 10 Security Plus.

Windows 10 Security Plus to enhance Windows 10 security

Windows 10 Security Plus is a free software designed to help you enhance your Windows 10 security by configuring security settings. The program lists over 50 security settings and allows you turn on and off them with a click.

Windows 10 Security Plus Tool

Following are some of the security settings that you can turn on or off with Windows 10 Security Plus software.

# Block/unblock autorun.inf files

# Turn on or off autoplay for all devices

# Turn on or off driver signing check

# Turn on or off verify signature of downloaded programs

# Turn on or off user alert if unsigned driver is installed

# Enable or disable Windows Security Center

# Turn on or off Windows Defender

# Enable or disable Edge pop-up blocker

# Turn on or off remote desktop connections to your PC

# Turn on or off Windows remote assistance

# Enable SmartScreen filter for Store apps, programs, and Edge

# Turn on or off User Account Control

Windows 10 Security Plus pic4

Windows 10 Security Plus is a handy software to configure Windows 10 security settings with a few mouse clicks. A portable version of the program is also available for download, which means you can configure Windows 10 security settings without installing this software.

Visit the following page to download Windows 10 Security Plus software.

Download Windows 10 Security Plus

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