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Cloud & Data Center

Cloud Computing & Data Center

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Microsoft has long been a company that is partner driven. Earlier this week, Gavriella Schuster who is in charge of the company's One Commercial Partner Program, shared details about just how much of an impact those partners are having. Specifically, she shared a surprising statistic about Microsoft's partner-driven cloud revenue: "Did you know that 95 percent of Microsoft’s commercial revenue flows directly through our partner ecosystem? With more than 7,500 partners joining that ecosystem every month, partner growth and partner innovation are directly fueling our commercial cloud growth."

Multi-Cloud Complexity Next Big Enterprise Roadblock

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IBM is working on solving a lot of enormous, global problems using its technology, from reducing food waste and the spread of foodborne illnesses to helping people communicate during natural disasters. What runs behind the scenes is a vast network of clouds, containers, edge devices and more that help its researchers bring these innovations to life. Diverse, multi-cloud environments can create other problems. Namely, their complexity makes them difficult to manage.

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