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Enterprise Mobility

Anonymous Data Collection Is More Risky Than Users Think

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Without much thought, users frequently sign away rights to supposedly anonymous data collected by businesses and other organizations, with the idea that the information will ultimately improve their services and online experience. But a new study from MIT suggests that "anonymous" data can be woven together using multiple sources and is far more identifiable than most people realize.

WPA3 Security: There's No Such Thing as Too Much Security

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Let’s start with a core, absolute truth: We will never have enough security in any element of IT. Period. Security is itself a classic more-variables-than-equations problem, with inadequate strategies, implementations, just plain bugs, and new threats appearing all time. So the name of the game must be simply to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, making it so difficult to hack into a network or eavesdrop on communications that all but very richly funded state actors are precluded from causing harm--and with even those guys finding well-prepared targets very tough nuts to crack indeed.

Are Ruggedized Laptops More Rugged Than Your Business Needs?

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Each year, along with regular laptop refreshes, a handful of manufacturers releases new ruggedized laptops that can handle extreme conditions. They feature bright displays that can be used in direct sunlight, industrial-grade cooling systems, built-in LTE, long battery life, and the ability to work in a range of temperatures. Military-grade ruggedized laptops from vendors like Panasonic and Dell can accommodate conditions such as blowing sand, explosive atmosphere, solar radiation and thermal shock. In other words, they can definitely handle a coffee spill and a fall from a desk. But does that make them worth the enterprise's while?

Despite Efforts, Healthcare Security Threats Continue to Rise

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Healthcare organizations are getting attacked more viciously and more often, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for these and other healthcare security threats. A recent survey from Kaspersky Lab found that nearly 80 percent of healthcare employees say their organizations have experienced as many as five cybersecurity attacks in the past five years or more. Meanwhile, a Coalfire survey found that healthcare IT security is the worst of any sector when it comes to dealing with external threats.

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