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Handling Spam and Unwanted Contacts in Skype

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Controlling who can message and call you with privacy settings

Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Mac and Skype for Linux offer you the ability to control privacy settings for your account. You can’t change these settings in our mobile versions, but when you change your settings in the desktop versions of Skype they apply to your account no matter what device you sign into.

In a recent post I highlighted what the different privacy settings in Skype do. You can also learn how to change your privacy settings on Skype Support.

How to handle unwanted contact requests

To allow you to connect with long-forgotten friends we make it possible for you to send contact requests to anyone. However, there are some users who abuse the free nature of Skype to send unwanted contact requests to others.


The best thing to do if you’re the recipient of an unwanted contact request is to block that user and report them for abuse. It may seem like those reports disappear into a black box, but that information is crucial to us in keeping the bad guys out of Skype.

Learn more about blocking contacts.

Check what information you include in your profile

Like any online service it’s important to know what information you’re making public through your Skype profile. You can see what others can see about you in your profile by signing into your account on the Skype website and clicking on your profile picture.

You’ll see your information divided into two sections – your profile information, which is public, and your contact information, which is more private. On the right of the page you can see who the information is visible to.

Profile info

Tip: While you’re checking your profile information, make sure we have the right email address listed for you. It’s important we have that information about you if, for example, you ever need to reset your password.

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