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Microsoft Teams DND to allow specific users

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Often during our daily work, we’ve notification pop-up here and there on our screens, this disturbs our concentration on certain tasks. When that happen you can miss the logic that you’re developing to complete a task. To overcome these situations, modern communication tools allow you to set your availability to “Do-not-Disturb(DND)”. But, I’ll say that it depends. There are some persons that you may want to be disturbed by.

With that option activated on Microsoft Teams, all the notifications will not be pop-up on your screen. As mentioned there are some specific users that you may want your notifications to pop-up in case they contact you on Microsoft Teams. If that is your case, follow the steps below that will allow you to receive the notifications from these users.

  1. Set your availability on your Microsoft Teams DND mode
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Privacy
  4. On the panel click on Manage priority access
  5. Add the users that you want to receive these notifications
Teams Dnd


Note that when you put yourself on Microsoft Teams DND mode the messages that are sent to you with as urgent will pass this mode.

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