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Welcome to Microsoft Word Tips & Tricks

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Microsoft Word has many types of nonprintable symbols such as different types of spaces, tabulations, line or page breaks, etc. The non-printable symbols are also known asWhitespace characters in typography, nonprinting characters in the previous versions of Microsoft products, or formatting marks.

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Sometimes you need to print a hidden text of the document. For example, if you want to read or correct it on paper. If you see a strange text in the printed copy that you haven’t seen while edited the document, it is quite probable that you have a hidden text.

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A lot of documents Word contain tables. If you have a small table, you may want to keep it on one page even if Word tries to split it between pages.

To keep a table on one page, do the following:

   1.   Select the table:

  • You can select all rows or columns of the table one by one
  • Move the mouse over the table until you see the table selection icons in the upper-left corner of the table and then click it:

Note: You can also click on the table selection icon in the bottom-right corner for the same effect.

   2.   On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the dialog box launcher:

2016a paragraph

   3.   In the Paragraph dialog box, on the Line and Page Breaks tab, select the Keep with next checkbox:


If you use the option Keep with next for entire table, it won’t be split to the different pages:

  • Before changes:
  • After changes:


  1. You can keep the text before the table with it, just do the same for the paragraph of the text that you want to keep with the table.

    See How to keep lines and paragraphs together in Word document.

  2. If you have a big table that it can’t be displayed on one page, Word moves it on the next page even if only one symbol leaves on the page and splits it anyway:

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When you create a document in Microsoft Word, you need to keep some text together such as two or several words together or text with hyphens. For example, you would like to keep on one line phone numbers (867-243-1849) or words with hyphens like co-foundergrand-grandmothertwenty-onepart-timegreen-eyedwell-behaved, etc.

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In mathematics often is used a script Latin alphabet. This tip is about quick way how to paste letters in Script in your Microsoft Word document.

Some more popular letters in Script:

  • A basis of a vector space or of a filter denoted by the script b.
  • Electromotive force (denoted script e and measured in volts), refers to voltage.
  • Script H in Word 2016 represents the Hamiltonian in Hamiltonian mechanic.
  • script l represents the Lagranian (sometimes just L) or Exposure in particle physics.

To type the symbols in Script in the Microsoft Word equation (to insert equation into your text, click Alt+=), do one of the following:

  • Type \script + capital or lowercase letter:
script ascript z \scriptA - \scriptZ
scriptascriptz \scripta - \scriptz
  • Under Equation Tools, on the Design tab, in the Symbols group, click the More button:

    In the top of list of symbols choose Scripts:


    In the Scripts list, in the Scripts group, choose the symbol you prefer:

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